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November 8 Wednesday: Nunchucks Class!!
Don’t forget to bring your nunchucks to class! Training will be during regular class time. If you do not have a nunchuck yet, you may pre-purchase them at the Dojang.

Colored Belts (12 years and below): 1 nunchuck is required
Adult Class (Colored Belts and Black Belts): 2 nunchucks are required

*Please remember that nunchakus are considered a weapon in California. Do not bring them to school. Store them away properly.

November 10 Friday: Dojang is Open
November 11 Saturday: Dojang Closed
The Dojang will be open on Veteran’s Day but we will be closed on November 11 instead.
*MTM RISE has been postponed. We will update everyone as soon as we get details.

November 15 Wednesday
Sparring Gear Orders due. Please fill out and submit your order form at the Dojang.

November 17 Friday: Movie Night 6pm
See you at our  MTM Movie Night!! Bring your picnic blankets, wear your most comfy clothes and enjoy the show! Snacks and drinks will be provided!

November 23-25 Thursday – Saturday
Dojang is Closed for Thanksgiving Weekend