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Jan 10: (Wednesday) Bring A Friend Day
• 5:00 pm: age 4 – 8 years old
• 6:00 pm: age 9 – 12
• 7:00 pm: age 13 and up

Jan 13: (Saturday) Competitor Poomsae training
No Regular Class
9:00am – 10:30am: Competitor Poomsae Training
10:30am – 12:00pm: Competitor Sparring Training

Jan 15: (Monday) Dojang Closed: MLK Holiday

Jan 19: (Friday) Tournament Orientation 7:00pm

All athlete’s parents competing in the tournament on Saturday, Jan 20 in Fremont are strongly encouraged to attend the orientation meeting to discuss the logistics about the tournament.

Jan 20: (Saturday) CA TKD Foundation Tournament: Dojang Closed
You may now register if you would like to join and compete!  If you have specific questions in regards to the competition, you may approach Master Jun or call him at (650) 797-1686

Jan 22: (Monday) Life Coaching
11 years old and below: 5pm -6pm
12 years old and above: 6pm-7pm

Jan 24: (Wednesday) Nunchuck Class
Colored Belts (12 years and below): 1 nunchuck is required
Adult Class (Colored Belts and Black Belts): 2 nunchucks are required

Jan 27: (Saturday) Demo Team Trial
No Regular Class.
Demo Team Trial is from 10am – 12pm. MTM Student must be a purple belt and above.


February 19: (Monday) President’s Day Holiday: Dojang Closed

March 24: (Saturday) Belt Test
2:00pm: Striped Belts
4:00pm: Solid Belts

*If you are testing for 1st Dan Black Belt, you will need attend both 2pm and 4pm testing time.

March 31: (Saturday) Belt Experience 2pm

April 4-7: Dojang Closed: Staff Development Weekend.